Sunday, November 17, 2013


Many of the questions kids have about digital photography are easily answered. Here's some easy remedies to some of children's most popular questions aboout taking better shots. Q) Is the sky in you picture kind of dull and could use more color? A) Try puting your sunglasses over the lens when you take the picture. This is called POLARIZING and can be used to draw out the color in other types of shots, too. Q) Is your camera having trouble focusing while you are trying to get a closeup of a flower or other small object? A) Try moving just a little further back. Sometimes if you are to close to an object, the camera has a hard time focusing. Q) Did you ever wonder how to make small objects such as toys look really Big? A) Trying crouching down really low and shooting a picture of that object from really low. The lower the angle, the larger the object will look. Now try making that object look really big. That's right, shoot the object from above so that you are looking down on it. These tricks are called PERSPECTIVE, meaning another way of looking at something. Q) Can't find a good deal on a tripod or a tripod just doesn't seem to work for what you are trying to take a picture of? A) One really cool (and cheap) solution might be to use a large beanbag. Place the beanbag on a firm surface and gently let the camera sink into it. The beanbag will keep the camera from shaking which makes you photos sharper.

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