Sunday, November 17, 2013


In today's world of cell phones, texting, video games, television, and other media devices, it's tough to get kids away from the distractions of the techno era. In a world of ever increasing diabetes and obesity at an earlier age, it's crucial for kids to get up and exercise. (more than just their fingers) While some children are into sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, or other activities that burn calories, boost the metabolism, and increase the sensitivity of the insulin receptors, other children do not enjoy sports that much.
Digital photography is a healthy alternative for kids that don't enjoy sports. It's an added bonus for kids that are already active. It's surprising to see a 13 year old set down their cell phone to pick up a camera (or use their cell phone's built in cameras) to laugh, play and shoot pictures while moving around. It can be a fun activity with friends, or an indivial exploration. One of the keys to keeping children involved in digital photography is to keep exposing them to different aspects, scenerios, and environments. While their first adventure with the camera may be uneventful, they may love the next adventure.
Knowing your children and what they enjoy helps. While teaching the Cameras For Kids Project in schools, there's been a general difference girls and boys. (although it's important to remember there's no set rules). Girls seemed to like the images of animals such as horses and pets. They also seemed to to enjoy scenics full of blue skies and trees. The boys in the same class would gravitate towards blowups of insects, pictures of cars, and unusual angles of things like tunnels. The idea is to expose the children to as many types of photography as possible. You'll eventually find something that they really love. Hopefully they will soon be getting exercise on there own.

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